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Welcome, and thank you for coming to my site and blog.  I’m Elaine.  I started this site because I love cats, and I like to find unusual item for my cats and myself,  I searched the web to find things that you would probably not find in a brick and mortar store.  I also searched for the best prices.  I’ve my blog as providing general information about cats, new products, and fun information.

Betsy is my 8 year old calico.  She is the shy one; when someone comes in she runs and hides.  She is also my talker.  You can ask anyone that calls me, they often comment on the cat.

Cimi (short for Cimarron) is my 7 year old black cat.  She is abnormally soft, even the vet comments on how soft she is.  The only time I’ve her her voice is when I’ve accidentally stepped on her tail.  She is also my friendly cat.   She greets anyone who comes to visit.  She immediately marks her territory.  She really likes men and usually rubs on them the whole time they are here.

Again, thanks for coming by.  Come visit often and check out all our products.  I would love to hear from you, and your ideas.  Please leave a post.

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